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By detailed geology, geochemistry, geophysics, drilling, well and reservoir test studies in the field which were carried out by MTA, 1988 show that Germencik geothermal anomaly is expanded to approximately 50km2 area.

According to estimation of the energy potential  of the Germencik Ömerbeyli geothermal  field,  the capacity of the area has high temperature wells (210-232 oC), was estimated 60MWe. Also capacity of the area having temperature lower than (200-215 oC), is estimated 60MWe (MTA, 1988)

It seems convenient to reinjection of waste geothermal water to wells located at western part of field for sustainable production, minimize pressure drop of the reservoir and to prevent environmental pollution.

At the beginning, a power plant (47.4MWe), using potential of the high temperature of the field, is planned and is going to product electricity from the plant in March/2009 by GÜRMAT.

A total of 2530 t/h geothermal fluid production is planned from 8 production wells for plant.

According to present plan, approximately  ¼ western part of the field is reinjection area.  OB-9, AG-22, AG-24, AG-25 ang AG-26 wells, in this area, have been selected for reinjection Temperature of these wells are ranging between 191-205 oC. These temperature values are very suitable for production energy by “binary cycle method”.

After using of GÜRMAT power plant with capacity of 47.4MWe, if Ömerbeyli field shows a good performance, new improved techniques, advanced geothermal energy conversing systems, can be applied for more energy production in the field. In this case, close to 120 MWe values of energy gain is possible.